Transitioning—by Joyce Lewis

Transitioning—by Joyce Lewis

Joyce Lewis grew up in Northeast Baltimore, in a house on Argonne Drive; her parents had been among the first to desegregate the neighborhood. She lived there herself for some years, then spent time in Oakland, California, before returning to Baltimore, where she subsequently lost her family home and took to drugs. She is now rehabilitated and living in senior citizen housing. She has a daughter and two grandsons.

Hey girl, come ’ere.

Let me give you some luv instead of kickin yo ass.

See, whefa you know it or not

I’m a new creature in Christ.

See, I gotta luv you, even though you burned me yesterday.

See, I know now that you my cross to bear.

Jesus said I hafta luv my enemies.

See, I see things in a different light now. Not only naturally but spiritually, too.

Now don’t get stuck and stupid and assume I’m Joe Joe Sausage Head.

See, my newborn spirit is the beginning of new life, but it dwells in this old sin-soaked body and I remember my old ways. I just don’t act on them.

That’s why I didn’t drop-kick yo ass across the Avenue when you got on my nerves.

See, God is not finished wit me. I’m fightin to change.

I guess you might say that in the eyes of the world I’m bipolar. (Only I know it’s warfare between my old and new nacha.) Even though I am victorious through Christ I just gotta do what I gotta do in this world right now.

So. Don’t make me beat you down.

Help me Lord!