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Sarah Liz Perrich

Sarah Liz Perrich is a Baltimore girl who currently teaches and writes in Istanbul.

Sarah McCann is a Baltimore based community artist.

Sergio España is a Baltimore resident and a member of the Civilian-Soldier Alliance, a national organization of civilian allies taking leadership from veteran and active duty service members  to help support the growing GI Resistance movement. 

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Shawna Potter, Director. Shawna is the only child of a single mother, therefore, a feminist. She has been living in Baltimore since 2002 but has experienced harassment in countless cities while on tour with various musical projects.

Stephen Wallace

Stephen Wallace is an organizer in Southern Maryland. He is part of the Calvert County chapter of Maryland's Health is a Human Right Campaign. Graduating High School in 2010, he began a vigorous self-study period, frequenting the library. From 2010-12 he attended the College of Southern Maryland, and occasionally attending lectures at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a pupil of theology under a local priest, Ken Phelps, who is also involved in many social justice concerns.