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Bill Barry is Director of the Labor Studies Department at Baltimore County Community College

Blake Underwood is a dog walker, activist, and writer in Baltimore City. A founding member of Just Walk, Baltimore's only worker-owned and operated pet care cooperative, the only boss he answers to is Pisella, his cat and one true love. 


Bonnie Lane writes for  Baltimore's newest street paper, Word on the Street. She has an associate of arts degree in public relations/journalism. Lane is a full-time writer, advocate and activist for the homeless and the 99%.

Brandi Bottalico is currently a junior at Towson University and studies journalism and public relations. She is the associate news editor for the campus newspaper The Towerlight. Bottalico has been published on the Washington Post education blog by Valerie Strauss.

Technologist and organizer from Illinois, DC, Makerspace Urbana, and the Internet.