Ryan Harvey

Ryan Harvey

Ryan Harvey is a Baltimore-based independent journalist and grassroots historian. His writings are posted at his blog, Even If Your Voice Shakes . He is also an organizer with the Civilian-Soldier Alliance and a member of the Riot-Folk musician collective.


Luminous Intervention

The Occupy movement is many things; on one hand, it is a mass movement of protest and occupation, on the other a cultural phenomenon producing countless small projects, affinity groups, and organizing efforts. Baltimore's Luminous Intervention, a combination of performance, projection, street art, and storytelling launched by a new collective called Greenpants, is of the latter.

On January 16th, Occupy Baltimore and the Baltimore Algebra Project, along with a enthusiastic crowd of supporters and allies, marched on the site of the proposed youth detention center in East Baltimore, and erected a wooden schoolhouse on the site to call attention to spending priorities that favor incarceration instead of education. Indyreader was on the scene to report:

Scroll through photos for more. Casey McKeel and Spencer Compton contributed to this article.

The movement to physically stop evictions and foreclosures made its debut in Baltimore on Tuesday, January 10th outside of the West Baltimore home of Lila Kara. Nearly 100 people associated with Occupy Baltimore assembled early in the morning to stop a Deutsch Bank foreclosure order against her house.

On October 18, The New York Times published the article, “At the Protests, the Message Lacks a Melody.”#[i] In the piece, author James C. McKinley Jr. asks us, “Where have all the protest songs gone?” Citing Occupy Wall Street and the movement it has inspired, McKinley suggests that we “have yet to find an anthem”.

Tens of thousands shut down the Port of Oakland Wednesday in what has been called a "General Strike". As night fell, police violently attacked protesters who had taken over a foreclosed homeless advocacy building. A U.S. military veteran was among those injured by the police violence. Below is a press release on his situation.

“Corporate profits are on the rise,” a crowd of forty mostly uniformed Iraq and Afghanistan veterans chanted during a march on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, “Soldiers have to bleed and die.”

Scott Olsen served two tours in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps before coming home to a country lacking in jobs but thriving with high-level corruption. He “thought the banks pretty much run free and unregulated and are never held accountable for their actions,” his roommate and fellow veteran Keith Shannon told reporters.

Over 250 people came to Occupy Baltimore Tuesday to support the space in light of a possible order to leave.

Brief Introductions to Some of the Many People at “Occupy Wall Street.”

ROB – A plumber working on the new World Trade Center buildings. He came out to walk with a sign at the park on his lunch break. He is in the Local 1 union.

“This is all truth out here, it’s just gotta be voiced…. You can’t go wrong with the truth…”

“Everybody’s angry right now, you can see it. But I think these are all good people, nobody wants to hurt anybody…”



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