Ron Kipling Williams

Ron Kipling Williams


 Baltimore native, Thurgood Marshall, argued more cases before the US Supreme Court than any other attorney in American history. His cases included, the 1954 landmark trial: Brown v Board of Education. Thirteen years later, he ascended to position of Associate Justice to the highest court in the land.

While Baltimoreans were commuting from work, flooding malls and shops for last minute Christmas gifts, and spending time with their families, one group reached out to a special population.
   On Wednesday, December 22, 2010 around 5pm, a group of Christmas carolers stood before the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC), singing songs to the incarcerated.

In Dr. Seuss’s classic Christmas tale, the envious green-furried Grinch swoops down into Whoville and, with his two-sizes-too-small heart, steals presents and decorations, in a diabolical plot to end Christmas.

Despite his dastardly deed, the town gathers together and demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas. Their warm-heartedness win over the Grinch, causing his heart to grow three sizes. In the end, he returns the presents and decorations to Whooville.

Yes, I said it. Citizens across the state of Maryland are insane for what they are about to do in the upcoming gubernatorial election this November 2.


You see, the majority of Marylanders are so upset about the job former Governor Robert Ehrlich did, and the job current Governor Martin O’Malley is doing, that they are going to WHAT?-YOU GUESSED IT-choose between one of them to govern Maryland once again.


Workers at the ESPN Zone gathered in front of their former employer at a press conference on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 to express their outrage and to raise legal issues regarding their termination and treatment. The Disney Corporation announced on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 they would be shutting down the following week – Tuesday, June 15, 2010 – its ESPN Zone locations in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Washington, and Baltimore, keeping its Los Angeles and Anaheim locations open.

Every year around the world countries celebrate International Workers Day or Labor Day on May 1 – commonly known as May Day.

   For the youngest republic in the industrialized world it also marks the anniversary of the 1886 Haymarket massacre – a three-day strike for an 8-hour work day that took place in Chicago, Ill, which turned violent when police fired on demonstrators, killing several as well as fellow officers.

Malcolm X once said that if you are sitting at a dinner table, and you do not have a plate in front of you, then you are not dining. Clearly this is the case with the citizens in Baltimore, who do not have a plate at the table of public school education. Friday in Annapolis, the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee struck down HB 374 entitled Baltimore City - Board of School Commissioners - Selection of Members - Local Referendum. The bill – sponsored by Delegates Cheryl D. Glenn, Curt Anderson, Jill P. Carter, Frank M.

“We are so far from what our children deserve,” said schools CEO Dr. Andrés Alonso. --- On Tuesday, March 3rd, over 250 parents, teachers, students, education advocates, and elected officials gathered inside the Fort Worthington Elementary School auditorium for a victory celebration. “We are here to announce we won,” said Pete Kannem, Executive Director for New Leaders for New Schools, part of the Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC). Last week Gov.


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