Reverend Heber Brown, III

Reverend Heber Brown, III

Rev. Heber Brown, III is pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in North Baltimore and blogs at


Participants creating signs at the Walmart protest. (Photo by Casey McKeel)

In recent years, Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season – has been a day of great excitement for me. I’ve been pumped about the day not because of the so-called discounts, free give-a-ways, or any other aspect of this celebration of capitalism. Black Friday has been a source of enthusiasm for me because of the grand opportunity to publicly challenge the spirit of rampant consumerism, materialism, and economic exploitation head-on.

Proposed site for new youth jail. Photo By: Reverend Heber Brown,III

During the recent Democratic National Convention before a raucous crowd and a national audience, Maryland Governor and Democratic Governors Association President, Martin O’Malley, stood to deliver his best argument as to why President Barack Obama deserved a second presidential term.

“I think I have some sense of what neighborhoods in Baltimore are like and what they need.”
-M.J. “Jay” Brodie, President, Baltimore Development Corporation

“I think I have some sense of what neighborhoods in Baltimore are like and what they need.” That was, in part, M.J. Brodie’s response to my critique of his agency’s impact on Baltimore’s Black Community. He knows what our neighborhoods are like and he knows what we need. Really?

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