Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton

RABBI ELIZABETH BOLTON is from Montreal, where she was an activist in two languages, and launched a career in classical music before moving to Philadelphia to study at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. She has sung for royalty, taught traditional Jewish liturgical chant, served as a congregational rabbi for 12 ½ years, and brought up two children. Liz continues to agitate from margin to center in queer, faith-based and other communities while working on the third surprise twist in her career path.


Photo By: Jewish Voice for Peace

I am a singer and a rabbi, and I would rather sing to you right now, because you have probably read too many words, heard too much raw speech, about Israel and Gaza. It would be better to sooth and distract. But I feel compelled to find words. Just words.

Biblical verses and fragments of songs jostle for recognition and repetition, but I can’t hear then clearly enough. Instead, I’m trapped in the compulsion to read every report, go to every web site.

Reflections in the Key of Anguish