Maria Allwine

Maria Allwine


Long-time peace and social justice activist, Maria Allwine, reports back after a week spent occupying DC's Freedom Plaza, just a few blocks away from the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square Park. Allwine sent an email dispatch to Maryland Green Party members and supporters on Tuesday. She agreed to let Indypendent Reader post the dispatch.


Stephen Roblin from the Indypendent Reader interviews Maria Allwine, longtime Baltimore activist and former gubernatorial candidate from the Green Party, about the upcoming October 2011 "Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed" action in DC's Freedom Plaze.

The US Conference of Mayors just passed an historic resolution urging Congress and the President to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so that the trillions of dollars currently squandered on illegal wars can be poured back into our communities and used for funding our enormous unmet human needs here at home. 

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