Jenny Gaeng

Jenny Gaeng


The Baltimore City Police are having a good laugh right now.  The officers in the yellow vests, who loiter around the occupation site have reported back, or will reportback soon, that we’ve played right into their hands.  We’re not planning any civil disobedience, we’re not going to block tomorrow’s traffic with a march, and we’re not even going to disturb the night with a noisy dance party.  We are, for the second night in a row, going to sit around for hours and repeat the same arguments about whether or not to apply for a permit.

10/5/11: Day 2 / Day 19

Well, this is it.  Here I sit in a folding chair, on my laptop, enjoying wifi and dessert.  No, I’m not in my kitchen; I’m occupying Baltimore.

There are a few things wrong with this picture.  And when I say “wrong,” I don’t mean “bad,” but, “looks more like Friday at Oberlin College than political protest.”  

“What do we want?”  


“When do we want it?”  

As the crowd marching down The Block screamed “NOW!”, we drowned out the traffic and the passers-by, who didn’t seem to realize that their slurs and catcalls were the reason we had all come out in the chilly rain.  The name of the march, that stormed through Baltimore, on Saturday, September 17, was: SlutWalk.  Some of us had never been called “sluts” before, some of us were used to it.  And for most of us, that was beside the point.

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