Housing Our Neighbors (HON)

Housing Our Neighbors (HON)

We believe that all men, women and children in Baltimore must be adequately and safely housed, all within an atmosphere of acceptance and human dignity.


Clients form a line in the rear parking lot of the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center shelter waiting to get a bed. Photo by Dan Staples.

Actions speak louder than words. The words say “75 journeys home” for people experiencing homelessness in Baltimore. But what do the actions say? You might assume, as we did, that 75 journeys home means that the city has allocated new funding for 75 new apartments. You might think that funding for new housing vouchers is great news. However, at last count, over 4,000 people sleep on Baltimore’s streets each night. “75 Journeys Home” is less than 2% of the people who desperately need housing, but better than nothing.

75 Journeys Are Not Enough