Glenn Daniels Jr.

Glenn Daniels Jr.

Glenn Daniels Jr is a senior at Towson University majoring in Anthropology and Cultural Studies. His interests include audiovisual and multimedia production, visual anthropology, social movements, tackling issues of race, and "organizing and agitating." He can be reached at glenndanielsjr[at] and on Twitter @lemonsandkiwi.


On the night of Thursday the 6th, B-HEARD (Baltimore Higher Education Alliance for Real Democracy) and Maryland PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) teamed up to screen an award-winning documentary. We're Not Broke, a startling investigative documentary, draws attention to the largest symptom of America's financial woes: the tax-evading corporation.

Soldier with drone. Photo By: The Christian Science Monitor

Predator drones were used sparingly in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush Administration. With the entrance of the Obama Administration, drone procurement and proliferation have skyrocketed. In the justification and pursuit of this War on Terror, the United States has arguably committed "acts of terror" in authorizing extrajudicial assassinations inside the boundaries of allied countries. The blatant lack of concern for civilian life in areas is the largest concern for human rights groups.

SGA member Samantha Hubbard marches around campus with fellow Dreamers. Photo by: Glenn Daniels, Jr.

Immigration reform is undoubtedly needed, and the DREAM Act is said to be a step in the right direction. Recently, students at Towson University launched their own campaign to increase awareness, encourage voter registration, and dispel myths about immigration. Indyreader video editor Glenn Daniels, Jr. discusses the MD DREAM Act and Question 4 on this November's election ballot.

When we speak about white people today in America we bring together a hodge-podge combination of biological, geographical, and social characteristics that we have come to accept and take for granted. More often than not we understand someone to be white simply because of their skin color and their ancestry. However, as Lawrence Grandpre argues, with a critical look into history we see “whiteness” as a political tool, not necessarily a color or a racialized culture.

The Grand Prix. Photo By: Tier 10 Marketing

Indyreader contributor, Glenn Daniels, Jr., discusses not only this year's Grand Prix in Baltimore but also it's larger ramifications within the city in how it fits into Baltimore's development plans. Further, he discusses what those plans mean for the various citizens and communities of Baltimore. Daniels examines: how does this city value you?

800 Portland Search Warrant Photo By: Indybay

Many activists and a growing number of social media enthusiasts have become skeptical and distrusting of mainstream media networks as they fail to, or outright refuse to report on news that draws attention to police and state repression. The recent events in the Northwest corner of the United States has received little attention, as raids led by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force target anarchists and members of Occupy Seattle.

It's important to recognize that social media is a powerful force that can spread information in seconds on a global scale. However, it's extremely important to have a core group of activists to spread information in a variety of others ways; the most powerful being local organizing and face-to-face communication.

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