Dulcey Rene

Dulcey Rene


Local queer activist,and Baltimore Indypendent Reader correspondent, Dulcey Rene, presented her lecture: The Lesbian Avengers w/ Dulcey Rene - to a packed house, at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, on Friday, September 9th, 2011.

“We’re telling our truths, demanding the truths be told.”
Lesbian Avengers Communiqué No. 5

In 1992 in New York City, six women gathered in Ana Maria Simo’s apartment in the East Village to create a solution to a decades-old problem, both within activist communities and the queer world at large: the invisibility of lesbians.  These women - Maxine Wolfe, Sarah Schulman, Marie Honan, Anne Christine D’Adesky, Anne Maguire, and Ana Maria Simo - had years of varied organizing experience at their backs and a shared frustration with the erasure of their efforts and the efforts of other lesbians in almost every movement of the previous decades. 

Two weeks ago, on Saturday, June 25th, New York City witnessed the 19th Annual Dyke March. The NYC Dyke March is an annual unpermitted protest-march that draws thousands of people into the streets to chant, holler, and drum their way down Fifth Avenue, the day before the New York City Gay Pride Parade.  Founded by the Lesbian Avengers in 1993, the Dyke March is intended to be a space where lesbians, queer women, and women-identified people can protest for lesbian rights and visibility.

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