Clayton Conn

Clayton Conn

Clayton Conn is a photo/ multimedia freelance journalist, English to Spanish interpreter/ translator and student of Linguistics and Anthropology. His work primairly focuses on immigration, social movements, and Latin American issues. He splits his time between Mexico City, Mexico and Baltimore, United States.

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Mexico community police. Photo by: Moisés Quintana.

Indignant over the police and government’s inability or unwillingness to reduce violent drug-related crimes, citizens in Mexico’s rural, mostly indigenous, southwestern state of Guerrero have (once again) organized armed self-defense groups to ensure their own public safety and security.

For over 20 years the people of the tiny, central Mexican state of Tlaxcala have been resisting a toxic mix of free trade, political corruption, and its byproduct of environmental crises. This short documentary shares the voices and testimonies of members of CNUC, the National Urban and Peasant Council, who have been tirelessly building community-based health, education, and infrastructure projects, while defending family farms, forcing government accountability, and deepening leadership among the poor, from below and to the left.

Photo By: Clayton Conn.

Tens of thousands marched throughout major Mexican cities on July 21st to decry the outcome of the July 1st  presidential elections, which gave Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Enrique Peña Nieto the win.

Postcard for the Summer 2012 US/Mexico Caravan for Peace. Photo By: Clayton Conn

Indyreader correspondent, Clayton Conn, reports from Mexico on the announcement of a US/Mexican Caravan seeking to put an end to the drug war. Being led by more than 100 Mexican victims and survivors of drug war related violence, the caravan also seeks to shed light on how drug prohibition policies not only devastate Mexican communities but also communities in the US.

Professor David Harvey. Photo: Clayton Conn

Distinguished professor, activist and theorist, David Harvey was invited to speak at the 10th annual Ric Pfeffer Memorial Lecture series on his new book, Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution. Known for his theoretical work on "historical-geographical materialism", and his sharp critique and analysis on neoliberalism, Dr. Harvey focused his lecture on the dynamics and resistance against the dominance of finance capital.

Renowned scholar and author, Immanuel Wallerstein, spoke this past fall at Baltimore's 2640 cooperative events space, on the significance and relevancy of the current waves of global upheaval and resistance.

In recognition of Black History Month, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS), hosted a public debate on the meaning of Black history and Black identity in a “post-racial” moment. The debate was held at the cooperative events venue - 2640, this past Saturday, February 10th.

Photo: Clayton Conn

On the eve of the two month anniversary of Occupy Baltimore, participants and allies of the emerging movement gathered at the 2640 Space to reflect upon the previous two months of an intensive experiment in mass participatory democracy; it's successes, pitfalls, challenges and potential new directions.


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