Charlie Cooper

Charlie Cooper

Charlie Cooper is retired from a 38-year career in child protection and child health. He has written occasional op-ed columns for the Baltimore Sun. He is an activist with interests in money in politics, finance and banking, youth development, and peace. He serves as Secretary of the Maryland Education Coalition and Co-Convenor of Get Money Out – Maryland.  He can be reached at[at] 


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Most of the State’s proceeds from the casinos were to be put in an Education Trust Fund dedicated to supporting the public schools. It was projected that the ETF would eventually receive about $600 million annually. But funds from the casinos have so far been less than half of what was projected. At the same time, the Governor and the legislature weakened the formula that mandates State aid for local public schools by eliminating the adjustment for inflation. This is now costing the 24 local school boards $718 million dollars each year in lost State aid – an average reduction of nearly $850 per student per year.

Casino Politics and Education Funding