Casey McKeel

Casey McKeel

Casey McKeel is a community organizer and photo journalist. She is a worker/owner of Thread Coffee and collective member of Bearings Bike Project.  She is also a member of Another BDC is Possible.  She splits her time between her love of photography, coffee, and bicycles.


New Edition Marching Band at the United Workers community BBQ at James McHenry Recreation Center. Photo by: Casey McKeel.

On Thursday, August 15th, the United Workers held a community BBQ at James McHenry Recreation Center. After the city's recent preliminary approval of the Harbor Point TIF on Monday, August 12, the group's youth-led Human Rights Committee wanted to celebrate fair development and demonstrate the need to work together and continue to organize. The local talent featured the New Edition Marching Band, which is a community group that uses the Recreation Center as it's practice space.

Supporters at Bradley Manning trial. (Photo by: Casey McKeel)

In July, Pfc Bradley Manning, the US soldier responsible for leaking thousands of US Army reports and diplomatic cables to Wikileaks, was convicted of 20 offenses. Though not convicted of the most serious of charges, that of Aiding the Enemy, he currently faces a 90 year maximum sentence.

"Live Young Blood" Film Poster.

Casey McKeel sat down for a conversation with the filmmakers of the new documentary that takes a look at youth violence in Baltimore.  

Deverick Murray in front of the proposed juvenile detention facility. Photo By: Casey McKeel

Casey McKeel interviews hip-hop artist and activist, DevRock, in front of the site of the proposed juvenile detention center about the release of his new Mixtape.

The dialogue looked at lessons from the past, focusing on Dr. King's Poor People's Campaign of 1968 and the transformation from Civil to Human Rights. Photo by: Casey McKeel.

Indyreader Contributers Iris Kirsch and Casey McKeel celebrated Dr. King's birthdays at the United Worker's Strategic Dialogue. The United Workers have a ten year legacy in Baltimore as low wage workers leading the way to poverty's end. We invite you to share the event with us, in words and pictures.


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