Brandi Bottalico

Brandi Bottalico

Brandi Bottalico is currently a junior at Towson University and studies journalism and public relations. She is the associate news editor for the campus newspaper The Towerlight. Bottalico has been published on the Washington Post education blog by Valerie Strauss. Before attending Towson, she lived in Prince George's County, did several Washington Post workshops and participated in many journalism conferences. Outside of writing and editing she is interested in photography and film. After graduation Bottalico hopes to receive a job in journalism.


Proposed site for new youth jail. Photo By: Reverend Heber Brown, III.

A decision has come in on a controversy that has taken over Baltimore for months: the planned $70 million youth jail in Baltimore. The jail is no longer going to be built. Instead they plan on renovating a smaller facility for the purpose of housing youth that were incarcerated for violent crimes. This turn of events still comes with strong opinions, yet the voices of those that were protesting the new youth jail are somewhat quelled.

The Allentown community in Baltimore city held a New Orleans-style "funeral march" to protest the closing of the rec centers on August 10, 2012. Photo by Alana Smith.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake chose to close four centers in West Baltimore, all were about two miles from one another. Parkview was named one of the centers to be shut down at the end of summer, along with Crispus Attucks, Central Rosemont, and Harlem Park. But Parkview remains in use, unlike the others. “I hope they don’t close it down,” Kim Hall, grandmother and caretaker to a boy that goes to the after school program, said. “It’s good and keeps the kids off the streets.”

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