Bobby Marvin

Bobby Marvin


From community activists to Hip-Hop artists, fighters and writers came together with an extended invitation to the general public to “The State of Black Baltimore,” a town hall forum to discuss the many ills that oppose the African-American community in Baltimore City.

Munir Bahar means business. Beating away at a heavy bag in his personal gym, his moves are swift and calculated, his focus is sharp and his words are carefully spoken as he recalls his past with the ill tone of regret, but the proud look of his redemption.

Hue Voices is an online talk show that focuses on the lively and vibrant African-American communities of Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Covering social progression, politics, business, sports, arts& entertainment, and bringing a new perspective to general media is Hue Voices, the greater reflection of you. This week Hue Voices' host Bobby Marvin observes Aids awareness month by taking a closer look at HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Baltimore City.

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