Anna Simons

Anna Simons


Veterans protest the deployment of traumatized soldiers. (Source:

In financial terms, the Veterans Administration (VA) and commercial insurance companies are totally different. One, a government funded institution, cares for all recently returned and disabled veterans. The other, a market-based approach, offers only the services patients can afford. Nevertheless, patients in both systems are angry. They aren’t getting the services they need. I spoke with veterans and civilians about their experiences in these bureaucracies and discovered strikingly similar barriers to health care.

IVAW led NATO March in May 2012. Photo By: Poppy Kohnerova

From November 2nd through 4th, Baltimore will play host to the national gathering of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and Civilian-Soldier Alliance (CivSol). This joint convention will take place at The 2640 Space with the support of the Red Emma’s Collective.  

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