We Are Men and Women of Maiz

We Are Men and Women of Maiz

Tlaxcala means 'Land of the Maíz Tortilla' in the indigenous language of Nahuatl.

For over 20 years the people of the tiny, central Mexican state of Tlaxcala have been resisting a toxic mix of free trade, political corruption, and its byproduct of environmental crises. These men and women of Maíz, the crop that is the basis of their diet and that deeply marks their past and identity, have been humbly organizing and crafting a form of autonomy that finds justice and dignity as its root.This short documentary shares the voices and testimonies of members of CNUC, the National Urban and Peasant Council. The CNUC and its thousands of members have been tirelessly building community-based health, education, and infrastructure projects, while defending family farms, forcing government accountability, and deepening leadership among the poor, from below and to the left.


Clayton Conn is a photo/ multimedia freelance journalist, English to Spanish interpreter/ translator and student of Linguistics and Anthropology. His work primairly focuses on immigration, social movements, and Latin American issues. He splits his time between Mexico City, Mexico and Baltimore, United States.

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