Thousands Pledge to Challenge War with Iran

Thousands Pledge to Challenge War with Iran

As the drumbeat of war against Iran grows, organizers across the country are ensuring we are not tricked into further bankruptcy and bloodshed once again. Thousands of concerned people, including activists, occupiers, and local community organizations have begun to sign on to the Iran Pledge of Resistance Campaign.

A product of last month's Occupy Peace meeting in Philadelphia, hosted by UFPJ and ally organizations, the Pledge is building a decentralized, yet focused, network of citizens across the country to organize their communities and committing to mass protests and civil disobedience nationwide to prevent the U.S. from going to war with Iran or supporting Israel in a war with Iran.

In the 1980’s, the Central American Pledge of Resistance (POR) created a widespread horizontally coordinated movement that was successful in preventing an all-out U.S. war in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Using affinity groups,and decentralized national coordination, this movement model is especially apt for this political moment and can support and amplify the work that Occupy is doing.

In the last year, people's movements around the world have demonstrated that we are already actively fighting back against corporatism and imperialism, thanks to powerful tools and lessons of grassroots direct action. Now, as the war machine escalates, we are ready to meaningfully challenge and defeat attempts at further bankrupting our nation and recklessly slaughtering innocent civilians and our soldiers once again by going to war against Iran. This is why groups, such as: Peace Action, War Resisters League, Civilian Soldier Alliance, Military Families Speak Out, and Occupy sites across the country, have begun a pre-emptive campaign to prevent another unjust war.

The pledge officially launched on March 20th, which marks Nowrūz, the Iranian New Year. It also marked the first day of Iran's refusal to use the dollar as currency for selling its oil exports. Rather than imaginary nuclear warheads, this is a more likely reason why the US administration is listening to the fear-mongering of its defense contractors and its allies in Israel's Likkud party. This is why even though Israeli and U.S. agencies have repeatedly denied Iran's nuclear defense ambitions (including this week's reiteration from Israeli officials), the looming threat of further sanctions and military build-up in the Persian Gulf continues.

The need to promote a peaceful resolution is dire, as the nationwide sanctions the Obama administration has imposed as potential preludes for military aggression have resulted, in the President's own words, in “virtually grinding the Iranian economy to a halt.” For Iran, this has meant creating or exacerbating environmental, health, and economic crises for the Iranian people, while actually helping the internal forces that need such external "enmity" as pretext to legitimize their despotism in the name of religion.

While the US government and the absurdly massive defense industry promote and profit from war, those of us who have paid the price over the last decade through broken families, decimated social programs, and the further militarization of our communities will not stand quietly by.

Inspired by the the Central American Pledge of Resistance and the Iraq Pledge of Resistance from early in the anti-Iraq War movement, this Pledge has also incorporated the tools, lessons, and networks that have been built over the past year. And now, as concerned people across the country mark this week's NInth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, we must work with diligence and somber experience to prevent further madness and war-profiteering against Iran. Thousands of individuals, and dozens of organizations, have signed the pledge, with more joining each day.

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Sergio España is a Baltimore resident and a member of the Civilian-Soldier Alliance, a national organization of civilian allies taking leadership from veteran and active duty service members  to help support the growing GI Resistance movement. 

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