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From Picture the Homeless NYC:

Today (3/19) at noon, please rally in solidarity with homeless folks who are fighting back against property warehousing. El Barrio/East Harlem is full of vacant buildings and lots, which are owned by private landlords as well as the city, at the same time as rents—and homelessness—continue to climb. In fact, the borough of Manhattan contains enough vacant properties to house every homeless family in the city! EL BARRIO SAYS ENOUGH. On Thursday, homeless people will be stepping up the pressure and taking over a vacant building.

“If they fixed up all these buildings and put homeless people in them, I wouldn’t be stuck in a shelter  with my kids,” said Picture the Homeless member Lisa Davall. “You can’t imagine the things I’ve been through as a result of being in the shelter. And it’s crazy that with all the people who need housing in this city, no one has done anything about all these boarded-up buildings.”

Thursday, March 19. 12 NOON Meet us at 116th and Lexington
(6 train to 116th)
For more information, contact Sam at 646-314-6423 or

We'll be twittering from inside and outside the building - follow us at - please re-tweet, and use hashtag #bldgtakeover for all discussion of the event!

PTH Board Member Jean Rice made the following statements concerning tomorrow's action. Click on the comment to download or listen to an MP3 of each statement: 

AUDIO CLIP #1: "...On Thursday, Picture the Homeless is going to step into the vanguard... It's time for New Yorkers to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. We're going to liberate some of these city-held properties, to bring attention to the fact that the city is not setting a proper example for the landlords who are holding these buildings inabeyance in the face of record level homelessness in our city. This is our contribution to a nation-wide effort to house the homeless of the United States of America..." 

AUDIO CLIP #2: "...It's important that we do this action to dramatize and make the public aware of the status of all these vacant city-owned properties. We;'ve already shown that in the borough of Manhattan alone, there's enough potential apartments in vacant buildings and lotsto house every homeless person in the city..."

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