Take Back the Land - Max Rameau


Take Back the Land - Max Rameau

Just returned from the Take Back the Land presentation in the 2640 space. I missed the first few minutes, which involved some video of families being moved into homes in Miami.

The rest of the hour-long presentation was excellent -- Max is an articulate speaker, and does a good job of balancing the concrete, practical description of their activities with just enough ideological support to illuminate their methods. TBTL carefully steps around philosophical issues of taking a stand on private property in general, and focuses instead on the issues of control over land. They move homeless families into abandoned and foreclosed houses not in the hopes of owning the homes, but because the homes are empty and therefore useful for the quite practical purpose of housing those who need it most.

Questions from the audience followed the presentation, and were generally supportive and relevant. A question about the finances and core member support uncovered the budget for TBTL last year — a mere $3000, proof that great things can be accomplished on shoestring budgets (a fact many attendees know first hand).

There are just a few of my comments on the presentation, not an attempt at recapping the event. If a video of the presentation is made available, I encourage you to view it.

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