Resisting gentrification in the creative city

The use of the creative class by capitalists in the urban environment.

Metropolitan Glide, Metropolitan Strike

Recent developments in post-workerist / autonomist thought have
focused on the city as a site production and resistance, in
particular as a locus of struggle precisely because of the becoming-
productive of the city: from the social factory to the factory-city,
the productive metropolis. To say that the metropolitan space has
become productive, in the same way that it has been argued that
all of life (social cooperation, communication, affects, creativity)
has been made productive, leaves one with the question of how the
metropolis has been made productive. What are the technologies
of capture that render the metropolis productive? And how is it
possible, by identifying the process of extracting value through
such mechanisms, is it possible to find ways to contest these
processes of value extraction and capitalist valorization?

With this in mind it is time to revisit arguments and
conceptualization of the creative city and the creative class (as in
the work of Richard Florida), and to view them from a class
compositional framework. It is not then that they necessarily
describe an empirical reality or condition, the existence of the
creative city, but rather as a form of mythological social
technology of governance: to bring it into being by declaring its
existence. In other words, the question is not whether the creative
class exists as such, but rather what effects are created through
how it is described and called into being through forms of
governance and social action based upon these claims. Planning
and shaping the city based around a certain conceptualization of
the creative potentiality of labor, or the potentiality of creativity
put to work, is not an unprecedented or unique development, but
rather is the latest example of capitals attempt to continually
valorize itself through recuperating the energies of organizing
against it.

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