Occupy Baltimore Shuts Down BofA in an International Women's Day Demonstration - City Makes One Arrest

Occupy Baltimore Shuts Down BofA in an International Women's Day Demonstration - City Makes One Arrest

Occupy Baltimore

Today, Thursday, March 8th, 2012, fifteen-to-twenty Occupy Baltimore affliated activists demonstrated at a downtown Bank of America (BofA), in solidarity with the “Women Occupy” movement's call to protest against BofA, on this International Women's Day (IWD). The activists shut down the BofA branch. City police made one arrest.

The “Women Occupy” movement has been established for women, within the larger Occupy movement, to collaborate and support one another. Through these allied “sisterhood” cooperations, new struggles for women's rights, working from and working within the Occupy banner, have been born.

The “Women Occupy” movement has declared Bank of America as a protest target, on this year's International Women's Day (3.08.12). The reasoning comes from the founding history of IWD as a space to struggle for global female economic justice. As the Occupy movement has surged internationally, one of its most prominent objectives has been to confront big banks, like Bank of America, and hold them “accountable for predatory and irresponsible economic policies that are destroying our families and communities.”

Working in solidarity, on this International Women's Day, "Women Occupy" and the larger Occupy movement have been jointly demanding that BofA be peacefully confronted and held accountable. Activists are demanding that they (big banks, the 1%) “walk a mile in our shoes”. Naming this action signifies that if the 1%,  and the institutions within that 1%, were to work towards understanding the injustices that those who are oppressed face (ex: the oppression of female bodies everywhere), the 1% would be made to comprehend the consequences of their actions and hopefully steps would be made to utterly transform  practices and realities.

At 11:30 am, Occupy Baltimore demonstrators gathered at the Inner Harbor's Bank of America, with signs and rallying cries, and shut the site down. Bank employees put up a notice - stating that they were closed for the time being due to "circumstances beyond their control".  Demonstrators then stayed within the bank's lobby and chanted for the next 45 mins to an hour. After that time, police arrived at the scene and attempted to remove the activists. One activist refused to leave the bank's lobby (at this time, we are solely informed that his name is: Mark)  and that he was arrested by an officer named Liu. Reportedly, this arresting office was very defensive and uncooperative when asked to show his badge/badge number. Several different activists were documenting the demonstration via video. Officers told the activists that they had to stop documenting, even though it is now legal to film officers and arrests.

Stay tuned for coming updates as we learn more information about the arrested activist and his situation.


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