November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Occupy Sandy. Photo By: Unknown

“What will it take to wake people up about climate change?”

This is the question that was asked of Sir David Attenborough (the aging, well-loved British naturalist and TV presenter known for documentary series like Planet Earth) during an interview published in The Guardian on October 25. His answer? “Disaster.” To this, he added, “[But] even disaster doesn’t do it. There have been disasters in North America, with hurricanes and floods, yet still people deny and say ‘oh, it has nothing to do with climate change’”.

On Thursday evening, Nov. 8, 2012, a rally to stop Governor Martin O'Malley from building a new youth jail facility in Baltimore City and instead to reallocate those funds ($104 million-plus) to a more constructive use, was held at the War Memorial Building. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the noted civil rights leader, was the main speaker. He urged the governments to convene a plan to "build houses, not jails and to keep hope alive." Excerpts from Rev. Jackson's remarks are on this video.

Today we bring you two exciting comics in regards to the recent elections! Shit My Friends Say was created by Mickey Dehn during a manic upswing of Spring 2011. The subject matter covers topics such as: teapots, football, politics, and queer culture. Mickey has had no formal artistic training. (If you missed the sarcasm of the last statement, you probably won't get the cartoons either). Enjoy :]

On Thursday, November 8, the Creative Alliance at the Patterson theatre came alive, fed by the life blood of intelligent optimism. The space seemed to breathe as it swelled to encompass the 200 to 250 participants gathered to share a vision. That vision was presented in the form of a recently released documentary called “Fixing the Future” by David Brancaccio (PBS, NPR). The film explores communities from all across the United States that are using innovative and creative ways to build local wealth and take charge of their local economies.

For the past five years Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse and The Baltimore Book Festival have partnered to bring you The Baltimore Radical Bookfair Pavilion, which seeks to inform and inspire "radical innovation and intervention".

Hurricane Sandy shut down businesses all across the east coast—even businesses that pride themselves on never closing their doors. Photo by: Iris Kirsch.

With the dystopic, unreality show "Jersey Shore" in its waning sixth season, residents of the long Atlantic Coast in New Jersey have some rather more pressing concerns. Last week, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record crashed into the coast, plunging more than 8.2 million people into darkness, and flooding thousands of homes.

Despite the claims made by some mainstream press, the Occupy Baltimore movement was not the biggest force around the resistance to the youth jail. These mass demonstrations were organized and carried out by Black organization. However, Hathaway Ferebee, the Executive Director of The Safe and Sound Campaign, was at the forefront of the “Affirmative Opportunity” event held last week at the War Memorial in downtown Baltimore featuring Rev. Jesse Jackson and a host of other politicians and clergy members. I can only conclude that this is an attempt to co-opt the genuine movement around improving the quality of life for Black youth in Baltimore.