Media Mobilizing Project (Philadelphia)

The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) exists to unleash the powerful combination of communications, media making and organizing in order to clarify the issues at stake, document lived human realities, and act as a tool to inspire and unite those who have a vested interested in change.

Today, people are increasingly called into the production process through the ascendance of a range of technologies from blogs and podcasts to affordable video cameras and cell phones. Paradoxically, while people have increased access to media making, we live in an increasingly undemocratic society plagued by structural inequities. The root of this problem, is not embodied in the media system alone, but in a highly stratified global economic order, which works to divide communities, hindering the solidarity necessary to build strong social and economic justice movements.

The central tenets of MMP are 1) issues of media democracy, justice and reform cannot be detached from larger socio-economic questions, and 2) new participatory media tools offer the possibility of fusing otherwise fragmented struggles for justice. In light of this, MMP aims to utilize independent media making as an organizing tool in an effort to build a broad vibrant network of social movements in Philadelphia, while developing capacities for communities to create our own media. By sharing our stories we break through the fragmentation of our issues and the isolation of our communities, and build the networks necessary to address the root causes of the problems we face.