Mayday Rally: Support the Sheraton Workers!

Mayday Rally: Support the Sheraton Workers!

Mayday Rally: Support the Sheraton Workers!

On Friday May 1st, at 4:00 pm, workers and allies will gather for a
huge rally in support of UNITE HERE's City Center Sheraton boycott,
and in support of worker rights and decent treatment for all laborers.

The workers at the Sheraton have been working without a contract since
April 2006-for over three years. The boycott of the Baltimore Sheraton
City Center was declared November 15th, 2007 and since then, despite
millions of dollars in losses, the company has refused to grant a
contract to this longstanding union. They have been ignoring employee
seniority, increasing workloads to a dangerous level, increasing the
costs for employee benefits, decreased the tips that servers earn, and
are now trying to contract out the jobs of employees who have been on
the job for decades.

The owner of Columbia Sussex, Bill Yung, has been slashing at wages,
healthcare, and pensions while increasing workloads. He has been
quoted as claiming his only interest is "making money," and has made
vows never to sign union contracts. The hospitality industry is the
second fastest growing industry in Baltimore, so for the sake of this
city it is vital that profiteers like Yung be driven out or forced to
give workers good jobs, so that as this city grows, it grows in a
positive direction. Yung's model keeps workers struggling on the edge
of poverty, and it is essential that we join together to stop this
exploitative model.

Join us this Mayday to celebrate and drive home our solidarity and
strength as a community. Stand in support of UNITE HERE workers, and
help win this long struggle to win living conditions for Baltimore
workers and strengthen one of the fastest growing industries in the