July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Condom Man. Sketch By: Dale Cooper

Sara McClean interviews independent gay porn performers: Colby Keller and Dale Cooper --both of whom call Baltimore home. We sit down to talk with them about pornography as a career, its gender and feminist implications, the strengths and limitations of porn as a profession, sex worker organizing and workplace protections, and the role of porn in sexual health.

Dale Cooper Colby Keller Interview -- June 23, 2013

Trayvon Martin In Post Racial America by vagabond ©

This sick American behemoth, pronounced post-racial by the Roberts Court, can’t lick its addiction to feeding our jails with young black males while at the same time enriching the coffers of the prison industrial complex. The Trayvon Martin Case is just the shiny tip of a very large iceberg that has caught the attention of the media, political activists, and everyday Americans, but this case is by no means unique.

Photo by Bill Hughes.

One of Baltimore's best street journalists, Bill Hughes, covered two actions from last week. On Tuesday, July 2nd, a demonstration was held at the Social Security Headquarters in Woodlawn, where activists spoke out against proposed cuts to Social Security benefits. On Friday, July 5, hundreds of Baltimore males march against violence on North Avenue.

Image source: www.akpress.org

Summer. The time of year when it’s too hot to move. The perfect time for reading. In a world where billionaires control more than 90% of the media you see, reading can be a welcome respite, an opportunity to think for yourself. A chance to use your imagination, send yourself back in time, or explore another world. It also helps you learn how better to express yourself; the best writers are almost all prolific readers.