From Cities to Cells (and Back Again): The City and Incarceration

Why are so many of our nation's incarcerated from urban areas? We will present an overview of factors that lead to incarceration, in both Maryland and other places, and the people who are most impacted. We will also discuss how these factors tie into issues affecting the rest of the city and challenge the audience to consider how some issues disproportionately impact women (such as the closing of affordable childcare centers) as well as how place affects these factors (for example: street prostitution in Baltimore has not been addressed by sex workers rights' groups elsewhere or by those working on prison and criminal justice issues).

We will also discuss existing work around these issues. Polly Riddims will talk about both the work being done in Baltimore and Maryland to advocate for change and justice as well as what is not happening but should be. Jacqueline Robarge will talk about the work of Power Inside, a program that works to prevent incarceration and build self-sufficiency among women and families in Baltimore. Victoria Law will address work being done in other areas as well as recommendations made by women incarcerated throughout the

We plan to make this a discussion to challenge the audience to both reflect upon these realities and think about how they can act to change them in their own work and actions around the city.

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