Exclusive audio interview with members of 'Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle'

Exclusive audio interview with members of 'Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle'

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Indyreader sat down to do an exclusive interview with members of the relatively new to the scene, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS). The organization is a 'progressive think tank' that seeks to propose "tangible, concrete solutions to Baltimore's problems". This is done by drafting critical and radical policy through analyzing the systematic elements that maintain and exacerbate unemployment, poverty, violence, and environmental degredation in Baltimore.

We were of course curious to find out more about the ambitious young people that make up LBS and what has compelled them to action. Below is the interview in full audio, as well as broken down by the themes of discussion.

Full audio:




What is LBS:


Update on 'Youth Justice Sunday'


On networking and alliance building:


What motivates and inspires:


What is in a name:


On debate teams:


On debate and politics:


On 'struggle':









Photo of Corey Reidy

Corey Reidy has been an Indyreader collective member since the start of 2009. And.. she adores it with all her heart. When Reidy isn't editing, writing, interviewing, or other Indyreader-centric organizing, she works to do other forms of radical activism -- including, but not limited to, organizing/being a board member of Hollaback! Baltimore. If she's not organizing, Reidy is most likely reading, biking, or practicing/studying yoga (of which she adores and will 100% go to bat to defend and promote).