Cop Toons Facebook Page

Cop Toons Facebook Page

Cop Toons facebook page. Image by Bonnie Lane.
Cop Toons facebook page. Image by Bonnie Lane.

“Social media policy for officers is being developed. I don’t know who authored this page. It’s not authorized by the BCPD. I haven’t received any complaints on this yet,” stated Anthony Guglielmi of BCPD Public Affairs.

The page Guglielmi talked to me about is Cop Toons. According to the page description, it is a cartoon photo gallery of actual Baltimore Police officers.


I was not able to identify the author of this page. But a few individuals whose pictures showed up on the page are unhappy about the page.

Reverend CD Witherspoon’s photo is in the cop toons gallery.

“It’s demeaning, degrading and demoralizing in its essence. Routine stops where these pictures are being taken are outside the boundaries of ethical police practices," he said. "It further strains community-police relations and is an extension of the inappropriate corrupt style of local politicians.”


Eppie Chapman is also pictured on the page. “These cops are suggesting people are guilty before they have been convicted or tried,” he explained.


Cop Toons poses ethical questions. For example, does the posting of arrest photos violate one's civil liberties? So far no complaints have been filed with the ACLU of Maryland.

The author would like to know what readers think about Cop Toons. Please give your opinion in the comments section below.

Bonnie Lane writes for  Baltimore's newest street paper, Word on the Street. She has an associate of arts degree in public relations/journalism. Lane is a full-time writer, advocate and activist for the homeless and the 99%.