A Beginning

A Beginning

After a summer trial run at 2640 St. Paul Street, The Baltimore Free School opened its doors at our new location: 1323 N. Calvert. St., at the intersection of Mount Royal and Calvert. 

This volunteer-run and community-funded project exists to provide a space where anyone can teach and anyone can learn for free. Conventional education is limited by the exchange of money, the need for “teachers” to have official certification, and arbitrary grading based on the false assumption that all people learn in the same way. 

We believe education is too important to the health of any community to be constrained by these conditions, so we aim to find multiple routes towards educating ourselves and each other. 

Since the doors opened in September, dozens of courses have been offered, including: To Be Tobacco Free, Taijiquan & Qigong, Introduction to Music Theory, Prisons and Political Repression, and Patternmaking for Clothing. 

Our website provides a complete calendar of our courses and enables people to sign-up for classes, propose classes they wish to facilitate, and participate in online discussion forums. 

We encourage instructors to explore alternative teaching models in their classrooms in order to empower people to start visioning their own educational futures. 

For more information on how you can teach, learn, or become involved with the organizing, email: freeschool@redemmas.org or visit http://freeschool.redemmas.org.

The Baltimore Free School is a grassroots, volunteer-run and community-funded project, based at 1323 N. Calvert. St. Building upon a long tradition of horizontal organizing, collaborative learning and participatory education, we believe that the empowerment of people of all ages and backgrounds to share and learn is vital to the health of any community. To that end, we work toward creating a space where the exchange of ideas can occur without the exchange of money; a space where we can learn to relate to each other in new and meaningful ways. By building this infrastructure, we hope to form a microcosm of the world in which we want to live.