Baltimore Algebra Project

The Baltimore Algebra Project is a democratic, student-run and organized program mainly focused on the one-on-one tutoring of math at the middle and high school levels. Our mission is to carve a community of leaders as well as exhibit leadership while remaining committed to the education of those in need of advancements in their socioeconomic status.
The Algebra Project's goal is threefold:
1. To benefit clients by
· Strengthening their math literacy and test scores of adolescents in order to promote advancements in socioeconomic status.
· Instilling the “each one-teach-one mentality” into clients by staying committed to tutoring in a one-to-one atmosphere.
· Establishing a successful model of high school and college students invested in children from their home community.
2. To benefit tutors by
· Putting them in leadership positions.
· Strengthening their math skills through teaching others
· Giving them a “real job” experience
3. To benefit the larger community by
· Advocating for students and for those parties who become situationally related to the BAP's goal.
· Recruiting high school graduates to attempt mathematics or science degrees in college and to teaching as a profession
· Developing a community culture of math literacy through young people’s collaboration, as opposed to the view that math is an adult-imposed obstacle.
· Establishing a successful model of a student-ran organization that is economically viable. This entails evolution of democratic decision-making implementation processes that are controlled by the young people themselves. We also increase awareness of how collaborative intellectual effort can help solve community problems.

The Baltimore Algebra Project has been at the forefront of recent struggles to demand adequate funding for Baltimore City Public Schools as well as for essential peer-to-peer mentoring jobs for urban youth.