Audio - Two Months Old: Collective Reflections on Occupy Baltimore

Audio - Two Months Old: Collective Reflections on Occupy Baltimore

Photo: Clayton Conn
Photo: Clayton Conn

On the eve of the two month anniversary of Occupy Baltimore, participants and allies of the emerging movement gathered at the 2640 Space to reflect upon the previous two months of an intensive experiment in mass participatory democracy; it's successes, pitfalls, challenges and potential new directions.

Panel Discussion

Recorded at a panel and open discussion at 2640 Space 12/3/2011

Open Discussion

Panelists include:

Joy Davis (Occupy Baltimore)

Annemarie Rush (Occupy Baltimore)

Casey McKeel (Occupy Baltimore, Another BDC is Possible)

John Duda (Red Emma's, Another BDC is Possible)

Lester Spence (Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University)

Sergio Espana (Civilian Soldier Alliance, United Workers)

Molly Porter (Good Jobs, Better Baltimore)

Clayton Conn is a photo/ multimedia freelance journalist, English to Spanish interpreter/ translator and student of Linguistics and Anthropology. His work primairly focuses on immigration, social movements, and Latin American issues. He splits his time between Mexico City, Mexico and Baltimore, United States.

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