Audio of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Audio of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Adam Jackson and Deverick Murray of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle - a progressive and critical think tank "dedicated to the complete social, economic, and political independence of the citizens of Baltimore" - came to Red Emma's to present and discuss some of their proposals that seek pragamatic yet fundamental systematic change in the city of Baltimore.

They outlined some of their proposals dealing with economic justice, greater community participation and democracy, criminal justice (specifically in regards to youth), and youth empowerment. Above is the full length audio of their presentation as well as part of the question, answer and discussion session that followed.

Clayton Conn is a photo/ multimedia freelance journalist, English to Spanish interpreter/ translator and student of Linguistics and Anthropology. His work primairly focuses on immigration, social movements, and Latin American issues. He splits his time between Mexico City, Mexico and Baltimore, United States.

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