Audio: 'Are We Safer?' MD State Police Spying of Activists

Audio: 'Are We Safer?' MD State Police Spying of Activists

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Audio Recorded by Clayton Conn

In July 2008, the ACLU of Maryland made public "shocking" documents obtained through a public information lawsuit, revealing that the Maryland State Police engaged in covert surveillance of local peace and anti-death penalty groups for over a year from 2005-2006. The documents showed that the MSP engaged in surveillance operations against peaceful activists, similar to those abandoned in the 1970s with the end of FBI Director J. Edgar Hooverâs infamous COINTELPRO program.

In the months that followed, the ACLU's lawsuit revealed that MSP investigated and falsely labeled many peaceful activists and advocacy organizations in Maryland as suspected terrorists in a law enforcement database, including Red Emmas. Unfortunately, similar programs have been seen in many states across the country.

This past Wednesday, on January 19th, Red Emma's and the ACLU presented a rebroadcast of "Are We Safer?' the PBS Frontline investigation of the terrorism-industrial complex that grew in the wake of 9/11.  It's a massive surveillance and data initiative that collects, stores and analyzes information on thousands of U.S. citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

What followed the viewing was a discussion held with Davide Rocah, lead ACLU of Maryland attorny on the case and Max Obuszewski, a Baltimore peace activist who was a victim and target of the spying.

Below is the audio of the discussion and a link to the "Are We Safer?" Frontline piece.

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(Max Obuszewski - Baltimore Peace Activist)


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"Are We Safer?"

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