Artwork by Demi Lashawn

Artwork by Demi Lashawn

Lonely Hearts

I feel I can sum up myself and my art with one of my favorite quotes, which is an excerpt from a letter Che Guevara wrote for his children, to be read upon his death.

Above all be sensitive, in the deepest areas of yourselves, to any injustice committed against whoever it may be anywhere in the world.

I think the impact of art in different cultures around the world can be so monumental that artists need to take it under consideration and understand that what we release into the world can impact the people very deeply. In my art I try to provoke a sense of rebellion and innovation.

I love creating. It's my passion. and if someone needs an ad for doughnuts or something done for a music video, I can do that, and I will do that--with my own unique style and values.

10% of all proceeds from sales of any piece, photo shoot, or design will be donated to charity, always. You can find out more about me by visiting my webpage and facebook page.


Lonely Hearts


Loneliness can get you into trouble sometimes . . . In this abstract piece I try to portray visually what a lonely person at times can actually do to some unsuspecting person, or in this case, that person's heart.


Censored I



Censored II



Imagine walking in your neighborhood and seeing just about every other house abandoned, boarded up or neglected. In my photograph I show what so many people see everyday in Baltimore City while enhancing the only life on one block, the trees. In the abstract drawing I abstract the photograph to show how a dull 'color' can stand out amongst the rest of the crowd when it's neglected.





To not have a home, friends or family to help, or a pot to piss in, in one of the richest countries in the world.


Demi Lashawn is originally from Brooklyn NY, but has resided in Baltimore MD for over half of his Life. He is a muilti-media artist with mediums in photography, abstract art, furniture design, music production and songwriting. He currently attends Morgan St. University studying Architecture and Environmental Design.