Anthony Anderson Sr.'s 47th Birthday Brings Together Families of Those Slain by Police

Anthony Anderson Sr.'s 47th Birthday Brings Together Families of Those Slain by Police

Tyrone West pictured with dreadlocks. Photo by Bonnie Lane.
Tyrone West pictured with dreadlocks. Photo by Bonnie Lane.

Edith Fletcher is one of the strongest women I know. Fletcher’s son, Anthony Anderson Sr. would have been 47 today, August 31, 2013. He was murdered by BCPD officers: Detectives Todd Strohman, Gregg Boyd, and Michael Vodarick on September 21, 2012. We sit on her steps with many of the rest of her family and talked about what happened that day and what isn’t happening now.


Edith Fletcher, mom of Anthony Anderson Sr. with Diane Butler, mom of Tyrone West and West’s sister, Tawanda Jones. Photo by Bonnie Lane.

Anthony Anderson Sr. was killed on the corner lot around from his home. Montford and Biddle streets. The police involved misjudged Anderson as a drug dealer. They killed him with their bare hands in front of Miss Edith Fletcher and one her grandchildren. According to Fletcher, the police involved told her to get back or they were going to lock her up. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

Friends of the family, concerned citizens and others gathered on the lot where Anderson tragically lost his life to honor him and others. Payam Sohrabi and Duane “Shorty” Davis met with the Andersons and helped plan today’s gathering. Shorty brought his grill. Several other people showed up with donations of food and books to share with the family and community.  The lot is being transformed into a community park by a group of community members and allies. The mural in these photos is just a small part of that.


Edith Fletcher in front of mural with grandchildren. Photo by Bonnie Lane.




Photos by Bonnie Lane.

Shayner, Anthony Anderson’s sister, informed me that the Anderson family is scheduled to be evicted on Tuesday, September 3rd at 9am. First her brother is murdered and now they may be without a home. Wow! I don’t know how these Anderson ladies keep smiling? If you are able to donate to help the Anderson’s, call Shayner at 443-326-3061.


Shayner, Anthony Anderson Sr. sister. Photo by Bonnie Lane.

The atmosphere was both festive and heart breaking. The family of Tyrone West showed up to support the Anderson Family. In this video, his sister Tawanda Jones, and mother, Diane Butler, share their story and why they came out today.

Tyrone West was murdered on July 18, 2013 while in police custody following a traffic stop in the 1300 block of Kitmore Road. (The official cause of death has yet to be released by the medical examiner’s office to the West family.)


Tyrone West pictured with dreadlocks. Photo by Bonnie Lane.

Before those gathering ate, Duane “Shorty” Davis asked someone to pray over the food. That someone turned out to be Anthony Anderson Sr.’s niece, Shayla age 6, and grandchild, Jackaylia age 2, as shown in this video.

An interesting piece of information was given to me by Tawanda Jones, sister of Tyrone West. Jones claims that two of the officers involved in her brother’s murder where the same two involved in Anthony Anderson Sr.’s death. (I don’t have the officer’s names.)

Nakia Washington in this video talks about how her former boyfriend, George Booker Wells III, was also killed by police on March 31, 2012. Washington has been coming out and supporting the Anderson family since she heard about Anthony Sr.’s murder. I introduced my friend to Nakia to the West family.

Marcella Holloman in this video talks about her son, Maurice Donald Johnson, who was killed by the BCPD on May 19, 2012. Maurice was shot several times by an officer who didn’t even take time to roll his cruiser window down. Holloman is another strong mother who is and has been supporting the Anderson family.

The families agreed to work together. More events and actions are being planned to help and support the Andersons, Wests, Wells and Holloman families. The next event will be on the one year anniversary of Anthony Anderson Sr.’s death, September 21, 2013. It will be on the lot at Montford and Biddle Streets. If you want to help with this event please contact me, Bonnie Lane at 443-413-1750 or

None of the police officers involved in these tragic deaths are in jail for the crimes they committed. Call to action, Baltimore! You can vote the people out of office who are allowing this to go on.

Bonnie Lane writes for  Baltimore's newest street paper, Word on the Street. She has an associate of arts degree in public relations/journalism. Lane is a full-time writer, advocate and activist for the homeless and the 99%.