An Activist's Account: Getting Away With Anthony Anderson Sr.'s Murder

An Activist's Account: Getting Away With Anthony Anderson Sr.'s Murder

Anthony Anderson Sr. was brutally murdered on September 21, 2012 by Detectives Todd Strohman, Gregg Boyd, and Michael Vodarick of the BCPD. I personally am outraged that these cops have been allowed to get away with murder. State’s Attorney Bernstein refuses to prosecute the officers responsible. He should be fired immediately.

Edith Fletcher is Anthony Sr.’s mother, a very amazing strong lady throughout all this. I spoke with her again today outside her home. Ms. Edith stated that her son was murdered, “The cops told me to get the hell back or they was gonna lock me up. I stood across the street and watched the whole thing.”

Regarding Greg Bernstein, she says, “He’s a damn big liar!”

Ms. Edith is committed to getting justice for her son if she does anything else in life.

Anthony Sr. was coming across the lot, located at the corner of Montford and Biddle, carrying two black bags from the liquor store, according to his mom. The three officers said he was involved in a drug transaction. Ms. Edith told me that her son was not a drug dealer. I believe her. Strohman attacked Anderson from behind, hoisted him in the air from just above his knees, and slammed him to the ground head & neck first. He and other officers repeatedly and forcefully kicked him while he was down on the ground. This resulted in the rupturing of his spleen, multiple rib fractures, and soft tissue injuries to his head. The medical examiner ruled this a homicide; yet these killer cops are not behind bars?


Today, I spent the afternoon on the same lot where Anthony Sr. was murdered. A rally was held to let the state’s attorney know that this is a murder. We are going to keep spreading the truth about this case: the truth told to us by Ms. Edith -- who saw her son’s vicious and unwarranted attack. We will not give up or give in. Justice will come for Anthony Anderson Sr. The People’s Assembly will not rest until it does.

Many of Anderson’s family, friends and supporters were at the rally with me. Anthony Anderson Jr. was out with his family in the cold with his daughter rallying for justice in his father’s murder. Curtis Black, Anthony Jr.’s mentor stated, “This is a travesty! Justice needs to be served. Accountability by the BCPD needs to happen. Community policing needs to be reinforced.”


Wayne Madison has known Anthony Sr. since he was fourteen, he stated, “Anthony was a good guy. He sold his slices of cakes and never bothered anybody.”

Fellow People’s Assembly members turned out in full force for today’s rally. CD Witherspoon, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and member of the Baltimore People’s Assembly, reached out to help the Anderson family right away. He’s leading the fight for justice in this case along with J. Wyndal Gordon, warrior lawyer. I am fighting alongside with the Anderson family and The People’s Assembly to see that justice happens


Donna Plamondon has been with me at many of the rallies, vigils, and marches in support of this amazing Anderson family. “Police Brutality has to end. The department of justice needs to move quickly. Baltimore City cops are out of control.”


Tony Simmons, People’s Assembly member, has been talking to his anonymous source in the BCPD about this case. “One of the officers was shot in the face. He shouldn’t have been put back on duty in the neighborhood he was shot in. That officer will never be charged after being shot in the line of duty,” this anonymous BCPD source reports.


I think that State’s Attorney, Greg Bernstein, should be fired for the way he’s been an accessory to these cops that are getting away with murder. Cops gone wild killing and brutalizing people has to stop here in Baltimore. There have been countless cases of police murdering and injuring Baltimore residents in 2012. I heard they killed a young kid while I was attending this rally. That’s another article. Let me just go on record as saying, “Anthony Anderson was murdered. These killer cops Detectives Todd Strohman, Gregg Boyd, and Michael Vodarick should have been arrested the day it happened. I do not support any administration that condones not prosecuting murderers. Call to Commissioners Batts to fire these murderers immediately.”

I will be wherever I’m needed supporting the Anderson family until that happens.

Bonnie Lane writes for  Baltimore's newest street paper, Word on the Street. She has an associate of arts degree in public relations/journalism. Lane is a full-time writer, advocate and activist for the homeless and the 99%.