Photo at FORCE's and Luminous Intervention's Action to Upset Rape Culture on 10/21/2012. Photo By: Casey Lynn

Last Sunday, October 21st, 2012, a group of activists comprised of the team FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture and the activist collective Luminous Intervention gathered at Capitol Hill for an action to both engage in the national discourse on rape and to  upset rape culture. This is an exclusive Indyreader  interview with Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle of FORCE. We'll let them describe the action and its purpose in their own words.

We Remember -- Occupy Baltimore activists gather in Autumn 2011. Photo By: Clayton Conn

The Baltimore Radical Bookfair Pavilion is a five-year strong collaboration between The Baltimore Book Festival and the local radical infoshop: Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse.

Roger Taney Memorial in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is Mobtown, Charm City, The City That Reads, City of Firsts, The Greatest City in America, and Monument City, to name just a few of our nicknames. Some are earned; we became Mobtown after the vicious mob violence brought down on Alexander Contee Hanson and the other Federalist newspapermen who opposed the War of 1812.

Caravan For Peace With Justice and Dignity

On September 8, 2012, dozens gathered at Sojourner-Douglass College for a panel talk about alternatives to the War on Drugs.  Speakers included former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, members of the Caravan for Peace, Laura Carlsen of the CIP Americas Program, Dominique Stevenson of the Friend of a Friend prison mentoring program, Jasmine Tyler of the Drug Policy Alliance, Maryland State Delegate Dan Morhaim, and Gillian Maxwell of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. Video and audio of the panel are found below.

An empty Baltimore City classroom. Photo by: Iris Kirsch.

Iris Kirsch is a Baltimore City Public School teacher. Ze* will be writing a bi-weekly column for the Indyreader. Because ze is both a reporter and an inside source, ze wanted to give a personal introduction in the interest of disclosure, and also so readers would have an idea where ze stands. This introductory essay also includes a lot of common acronyms.

The Grand Prix. Photo By: Tier 10 Marketing

Indyreader contributor, Glenn Daniels, Jr., discusses not only this year's Grand Prix in Baltimore but also it's larger ramifications within the city in how it fits into Baltimore's development plans. Further, he discusses what those plans mean for the various citizens and communities of Baltimore. Daniels examines: how does this city value you?

Fighting Street Harassment at Otakon Photo By: Indyreader

Hollaback! Baltimore gathered at Baltimore's Inner Harbor this past Sunday, July 29th, for a preplanned direct action. Upon arrival,and amidst crowds of costumed characters, the activists soon realized that Otakon, one of the nation's largest anime conventions, was in town. Switching tactics, the organizers headed over to the convention to do some direct educational outreach. Aiming to combat street harassment, the activists highlighted the need to work collaboratively in public spaces in order to visibilize an often hidden gender-based epidemic.

Postcard for the Summer 2012 US/Mexico Caravan for Peace. Photo By: Clayton Conn

Indyreader correspondent, Clayton Conn, reports from Mexico on the announcement of a US/Mexican Caravan seeking to put an end to the drug war. Being led by more than 100 Mexican victims and survivors of drug war related violence, the caravan also seeks to shed light on how drug prohibition policies not only devastate Mexican communities but also communities in the US.


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