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It’s been a month since tragedy struck Newtown, CT: a small, wealthy suburb of New York. On a clear December morning, a regular day at the local elementary school exploded in gunfire, forever transforming that community. In a few short minutes, they lost six adults and twenty children to dumbfounding violence.

"Ready for Demolition". Photo from: unitedworkers.org

On December 1st, 2012, The United Workers (UW) celebrated their ten year anniversary. The United Workers stands as a true grassroots community organization that mobilizes with low-wage workers both to meet immediate labor rights victories as well as with the grand end-goal to completely eradicate poverty.

Hannah Dobbz "Nine-Tenths of the Law"

Last weekend, Hannah Dobbz came to Baltimore and spoke at Red Emma's about her new book, Nine-Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States. Published by AK Press, Nine-Tenths of the Law is about the history of squatting in the US, and offers new perspectives on property in the midst of the foreclosure crisis and recession.

The Reallocate to Recreate Rally. Photo By: Casey McKeel

A crowd of over two hundred gathered downtown at the War Memorial Building at 101 North Gay Street two nights after President Barack Obama won re-election. They gathered to hear an assortment of over two dozen elected officials, city bureaucrats, religious leaders, and youth ambassadors speak out. Many were still visibly elated from the recent late-night election victory, but the occasion this evening was a serious one.

Despite the claims made by some mainstream press, the Occupy Baltimore movement was not the biggest force around the resistance to the youth jail. These mass demonstrations were organized and carried out by Black organization. However, Hathaway Ferebee, the Executive Director of The Safe and Sound Campaign, was at the forefront of the “Affirmative Opportunity” event held last week at the War Memorial in downtown Baltimore featuring Rev. Jesse Jackson and a host of other politicians and clergy members. I can only conclude that this is an attempt to co-opt the genuine movement around improving the quality of life for Black youth in Baltimore.

Jerrell is a good guy. Smart and funny, he generally helped lighten the spirit of class. I taught Jerrell for two years, as a High School Junior and then again as a Senior. He was on my roster the next year, too. But only until he turned 21, and the school district's automated system dropped him from our roll when he “aged out” of the public school system.

Why would anyone get as far as senior year and then drop out? Why would he let all those years of hard work go to waste?

"Signal .02" By: Josh MacPhee and Alec Icky Dunn

For the past five years Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse and The Baltimore Book Festival have partnered to bring you The Baltimore Radical Bookfair Pavilion seeking to inform and inspire "radical innovation and intervention". At this year's festival, crowd favorites Josh MacPhee and Alec Icky Dunn discussed their newest edition to their art collection: Signal.

Sourced from: alternet.org

Over the past weeks New Yorkers have been gathering to discuss how to fight the neo-Nazi party, which recently announced it was opening an office in Queens.


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