Prisons and Policing

Christopher Brown was killed June 13, 2012 by Officer James D. La Board. He was seventeen years old. A rally was held on Monday August 13, 2012 at the Towson Courthouse located at 401 Bosley Ave.

800 Portland Search Warrant Photo By: Indybay

Many activists and a growing number of social media enthusiasts have become skeptical and distrusting of mainstream media networks as they fail to, or outright refuse to report on news that draws attention to police and state repression. The recent events in the Northwest corner of the United States has received little attention, as raids led by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force target anarchists and members of Occupy Seattle.

Postcard for the Summer 2012 US/Mexico Caravan for Peace. Photo By: Clayton Conn

Indyreader correspondent, Clayton Conn, reports from Mexico on the announcement of a US/Mexican Caravan seeking to put an end to the drug war. Being led by more than 100 Mexican victims and survivors of drug war related violence, the caravan also seeks to shed light on how drug prohibition policies not only devastate Mexican communities but also communities in the US.

Members of the group WATCH demonstrate during the Baltimore Pride 2012 parade. Photo by: Daniel Staples.

Sandwiched between the Howard County Chapter of PFLAG and AIDS Action Baltimore at this year’s Pride Parade in Mt. Vernon, was an unregistered group of marchers. The marchers held up two large banners reading “Queers Against $ociety” and “Free CeCe And All Prisoners.” In black clothing, the marchers doubled as mourners lamenting the continual violence that many LGBTQ people face daily, particularly transgender women of color.

National Security Agency Headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. Source: NSA

The surveillance of peaceful activists by US intelligence agencies and security forces is nothing new. From the FBI's surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr., and military spying on Vietnam anti-war protest groups, to Maryland State Police surveillance of Baltimore anti-death penalty and peace groups four years ago, one consistency is the legal impunity with which state surveillance is done, regardless of the practices' legality.

Today, Thursday, March 8th, 2012, fifteen-to-twenty Occupy Baltimore affliated activists demonstrated at a downtown Bank of America (BofA), in solidarity with the “Women Occupy” movement's call to protest against BofA, on this International Women's Day (IWD). The activists shut down the BofA branch. City police made one arrest.


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