Race has been a topic I wanted to discuss, but because of the sensitivity I have been cautious. However, since President Obama been in office, any discussion without race is unavoidable.  I stay awake to the point of obsession about the racial tensions and poverty in the inner cities. I have been trying to examine what events are causing the insanity.  

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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear...” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

Our interest for self-preservation needs no introduction or explanation. Without mankind’s propensity and efficiency for self-preservation, we would be yet one more fossil set for some future intelligent species to chip their shovels upon.

Cop Toons facebook page. Image by Bonnie Lane.

“Social media policy for officers is being developed. I don’t know who authored this page. It’s not authorized by the BCPD. I haven’t received any complaints on this yet,” stated Anthony Guglielmi of BCPD Public Affairs.

The page Guglielmi talked to me about is Cop Toons. According to the page description, it is a cartoon photo gallery of actual Baltimore Police officers.

Message from the Baltimore Spectator: "If you can read this, I'm not a Threat"

This article is part two of an ongoing series about incarcerated journalist James MacArthur. The first article (“Informed and Dangerous”, published on January 16, 2013) documents MacArthur's history with the Baltimore Police Department since 2008. It includes a description of MacArthur's extralegal 40-day disappearance in March 2009. This article focuses specifically on the period leading up to MacArthur's arrest and evaluates the claim that he is a threat to police officers and to society.

Raymond Santana Jr., Sarah Burns, and David McMahon at a screening of "The Central Park Five" at The Brown Center. - Baltimore, MD. Photo By: Joe Tropea

Here’s a story the media got wrong. The one about the 28-year-old Wall Street investment banker who went jogging one night, in the Harlem end of Central Park, and was brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead. The alleged perpetrators were quickly flashed before the public on every front page and television screen—they were five African-American and Latino young men, who admitted their guilt in videotaped confessions. It’s a story the police got wrong, too.

Journalist A. F. James MacArthur has been in jail since December 1, 2012. Known for reporting on crime and politics as The Baltimore Spectator, MacArthur is currently being held without bail or access to visitors. Despite outrage expressed by his allies and a habeas corpus hearing initiated by State Delegate Jill P. Carter, MacArthur remains in jail with no obvious path to freedom.

Dan Staples and Stephen Roblin, of the Indyreader Collective, Model their Indyreader T-shirts. Fuzzy Photo By: Corey Reidy (the not visible Indyreader Collective Member)

Hello friends! We realize it's November, but waaaay back in August of this year we had an Open House at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeeshop in order to open up the gates of our project and invite people to learn about us and into the fold.Some things have changed since we had this discussion, for instance we're putting on hold the idea of paying anyone to work full-time on the project.

Despite the claims made by some mainstream press, the Occupy Baltimore movement was not the biggest force around the resistance to the youth jail. These mass demonstrations were organized and carried out by Black organization. However, Hathaway Ferebee, the Executive Director of The Safe and Sound Campaign, was at the forefront of the “Affirmative Opportunity” event held last week at the War Memorial in downtown Baltimore featuring Rev. Jesse Jackson and a host of other politicians and clergy members. I can only conclude that this is an attempt to co-opt the genuine movement around improving the quality of life for Black youth in Baltimore.


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