“In the hotel industry these are the jobs that are going to set a standard. We need to keep those jobs intact and that’s what these workers are fighting for, not just at the Sheraton but hotel workers all across Baltimore."


On Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 4:00 pm there will be a march and food drive for Baltimore Hotel Workers at War Memorial Plaza, located at Holiday and Lexington Streets in front of City Hall.

n an unprecedented move in Baltimore labor union history, the United Workers declared the Downtown Inner Harbor a “Human Rights Zone.”

The organization that last year won a living wage for its workers at Camden Yards announced on Saturday, October 25th at the Light Street Presbyterian Church, that they were in solidarity with the workers at the largest tourist venue in the city.


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Everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression but were afraid to ask.

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An overlooked order by the Labor Board’s lead lawyer this summer dealt a serious blow to the rights of U.S. workers to protest government policies.

On May Day 2006, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers walked off their jobs to protest restrictive immigration legislation. Some were fired, and brought complaints to the board. Ronald Meisburg, the National Labor Relations Board general counsel, responded by posting a directive on “political advocacy” this July that enables bosses to immediately fire employees who participate in work stoppages of a political nature.

In September 2007, the cleaners at Camden Yards won the living wage. Next we fought to get a fair chance for workers to keep their jobs at the new living wage. Late Wednesday night workers voted in support of forming an AFSCME union at the stadium, moving the fight forward to the next step.

Despite an intense fight from the newest contractor (The Chimes), an overwhelming majority of cleaners voted to be recognized as a union. Since the union drive started on June 1st, over 190 workers have signed union cards.

The talk took place at 2640, and includes updates from UNITE-HERE! on the Sheraton boycott campaign and from the United Workers.


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