In today’s installment of “what the media doesn’t tell you,” has everyone been following what’s going on in Georgia where thousands of prisoners—thousands—went on strike last Thursday in over a half dozen of the state’s prisons and penitentiaries to protest their treatment and demand their human rights.

Adam Jackson and Deverick Murray of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle - a progressive and critical think tank "dedicated to the complete social, economic, and political independence of the citizens of Baltimore" - came to Red Emma's to present and discuss some of their proposals that seek pragamatic yet fundamental systematic change in the city of Baltimore.

The proposed commercial development at 25th St. and Howard Ave in Remington is in its final stages of City approval, and the chances of a living wage for future employees there, along with any assistance to small businesses in the area that may effected by the development, seem bleak. The $65 million dollar development will be anchored by a Walmart and Lowes, part of the retailers giants’ national push into urban areas.

Workers at the ESPN Zone gathered in front of their former employer at a press conference on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 to express their outrage and to raise legal issues regarding their termination and treatment. The Disney Corporation announced on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 they would be shutting down the following week – Tuesday, June 15, 2010 – its ESPN Zone locations in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Washington, and Baltimore, keeping its Los Angeles and Anaheim locations open.

Every year around the world countries celebrate International Workers Day or Labor Day on May 1 – commonly known as May Day.

   For the youngest republic in the industrialized world it also marks the anniversary of the 1886 Haymarket massacre – a three-day strike for an 8-hour work day that took place in Chicago, Ill, which turned violent when police fired on demonstrators, killing several as well as fellow officers.

Video from May Day 2010 in Baltimore and the United Workers "Our Harbor Day":

On May 1st the United Workers marched for living wages and work with dignity, targeting the developers behind the Inner Harbor. "Our Harbor Day" mobilized three separate political theater performances and street marches (on "earth", "education", and "work") from the greater Baltimore social justice community, which converged on City Hall for a concluding performance followed by a march to and through the Inner Harbor itself.


CIW’s principle is, 'We are all leaders'

November 23, 2009, Baltimore, MD

Sometimes major movements begin by a simple drink of water.

A Farmworkers Rights Vigil organized by Just Harvest took place at the Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) on 113 S. Broadway in Fells Point, Baltimore.

Just Harvest, recently formed by veteran organizer Marina Saenz, is dedicated to social justice and human rights for immigrant farmworkers of color.


The weight for real social change - for better and for worse - has become much heavier.


Nov. 14 2009, D.F. México

"¡Aquí se ve la fuerza del SME! - Here they see the force of SME!”

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The Inner Harbor has been built tremendously with tax breaks and subsidies that have created a poverty zone that is not talked about.


Dominique Washington was one of those workers that tourists would see – or not see – toiling behind the counter to provide them refreshment at the Downtown Inner Harbor. The 19-year-old former employee at Five Guys Burgers and Fries recounted stories of tripled duties, shorted paychecks, and working overtime unpaid at Baltimore’s premier tourist haven.


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