Adam Jackson and Deverick Murray of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle - a progressive and critical think tank "dedicated to the complete social, economic, and political independence of the citizens of Baltimore" - came to Red Emma's to present and discuss some of their proposals that seek pragamatic yet fundamental systematic change in the city of Baltimore.

People driving past the Island bring him things: food, furniture, and appliances. For the last few weeks JT's space, on the median under the Franklin St. overpass, has looked like a typical bachelor's living room. --- Update: Since the publication of this article, JT has received a Section-8 voucher for housing assistance, which he had been on a waiting list for for about six years. The Island is gone, but he can still be found selling water there on most afternoons.


"Everybody benefits from Baltimore City but the citizens who live in Baltimore City."


As Baltimore City Hall employees were exiting the building for the day on Monday, November 2nd, one organization was ramping up its protests.


“Empty houses don’t add up – we need to change the equation.”


One of the most volatile issues in today’s troubling economy was addressed in a town hall meeting facilitated by the Maryland Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) Baltimore office on Thursday, January 29th at the St. Johns Church at 2640 St. Paul Street. ACORN Members, elected officials, and concerned citizens voiced their outrage and opposition to the escalating foreclosure rates for homeowners brought on by predatory lending practices.

Presented with one-year leases for unseen apartments east of the Anacostia river, often in the poorest, most drug-ridden parts of DC, shelter residents where told that if they rejected the housing, they would be denied a place at the shelter. --- The 300-bed Franklin shelter at 13th and K streets was opened by the District in 2003 as a temporary low-barrier overnight shelter for men. Since its beginning, however, it has been the target of repeated attempts at its closure.


According to SMEAC director Nathan Soy, the fight is far from over, and residents will be setting up a picket at the EBDI offices on a regular basis until construction begins and the funding of “House for a House” is properly handled.



On Saturday October 18th the Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) held a rally attended by about 200 residents and allies at John Wesley AME Zion Church just blocks from the Johns Hopkins East-Side medical campus. The rally was in response to broken promises made by East Baltimore Development Incorporated (EBDI) to residents affected by the 90-acre urban renewal project—a collaboration between the City of Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University.


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Everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression but were afraid to ask.

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