RE-EDUCATION: Activists in Atlanta, Ga., waged a two-month campaign to oppose the establishment of a military-themed high school.


The U.S. Marine Corps and the DeKalb County school board have postponed their plans to establish a military-themed high school after more than 100 parents, students, peace activists and veterans in the Atlanta-area community waged a two-month campaign against it.

“We are so far from what our children deserve,” said schools CEO Dr. Andrés Alonso. --- On Tuesday, March 3rd, over 250 parents, teachers, students, education advocates, and elected officials gathered inside the Fort Worthington Elementary School auditorium for a victory celebration. “We are here to announce we won,” said Pete Kannem, Executive Director for New Leaders for New Schools, part of the Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC). Last week Gov.


“The issue is safety,” said Jo Greene, MTA Office of Communications and Marketing Director. “We don’t want students waiting on a bus.”


Freezing temperatures have hit Baltimore City this year, but it has not stopped Baltimore City students from letting their voices be heard.

“MTA don’t understand, we need a day-pass in our hand,” shouted a gathering of students led by the Baltimore Algebra Project (BAP) in front of Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) headquarters at 6 St. Paul Street on Thursday, February 5.


The symbolism of walking a path and then re-tracing one's steps can be powerful when reflecting on how the past informs the present and future.


Subbasement studios, one the most progressive art galleries in Baltimore, just finished hosting a unique installation called Living Labyrinths for Peace.


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