More than one hundred students, parents, teachers and advocates filled the cafeteria at Digital Harbor High School on Thursday, January 13th for the Baltimore Education Coalition Leadership Workshop and Action. They came together to learn more about fighting the potential cuts for education funding in Governor O’Malley’s budget proposal, expected to be released later this month.  Baltimore City Schools rely on state aid more than any other Maryland County System, dependant on it for more than 65% of its funding.

Maryland school children, teachers, and parents are bracing to resist major cutbacks in State aid to public schools.  In the City, the Baltimore Education Coalition will host a large-scale meeting on January 13 at Digital Harbor High School to prepare for the battle.

“Our message to Baltimore City Delegates and Senators is that cuts to public education should be off the table,” said Sue Fothergill, BEC Co-chair.  “Maryland is the richest state and can afford to give every child a quality education.”

Indyreader sat down to do an exclusive interview with members of the relatively new to the scene, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS). The organization is a 'progressive think tank' that seeks to propose "tangible, concrete solutions to Baltimore's problems". This is done by drafting critical and radical policy through analyzing the systematic elements that maintain and exacerbate unemployment, poverty, violence, and environmental degredation in Baltimore.

Adam Jackson and Deverick Murray of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle - a progressive and critical think tank "dedicated to the complete social, economic, and political independence of the citizens of Baltimore" - came to Red Emma's to present and discuss some of their proposals that seek pragamatic yet fundamental systematic change in the city of Baltimore.

Baltimore Youth and Local Activists Lead Action Against Planned Youth Detention Center

This past Sunday, more than 150 people gathered on the football field of Dunbar High, next to the Latrobe Projects and just blocks from the central booking detention facility, to rally and protest the state government planned $104 million youth detention center.

Every year around the world countries celebrate International Workers Day or Labor Day on May 1 – commonly known as May Day.

   For the youngest republic in the industrialized world it also marks the anniversary of the 1886 Haymarket massacre – a three-day strike for an 8-hour work day that took place in Chicago, Ill, which turned violent when police fired on demonstrators, killing several as well as fellow officers.

Video from May Day 2010 in Baltimore and the United Workers "Our Harbor Day":

Malcolm X once said that if you are sitting at a dinner table, and you do not have a plate in front of you, then you are not dining. Clearly this is the case with the citizens in Baltimore, who do not have a plate at the table of public school education. Friday in Annapolis, the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee struck down HB 374 entitled Baltimore City - Board of School Commissioners - Selection of Members - Local Referendum. The bill – sponsored by Delegates Cheryl D. Glenn, Curt Anderson, Jill P. Carter, Frank M.


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