Chicago Teachers Strike. Photo By: AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

This video is based on five participant-oriented interviews conducted during the September 11th, 2012, Baltimore solidarity action with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike. The rally took place at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

An empty Baltimore City classroom. Photo by: Iris Kirsch.

Iris Kirsch is a Baltimore City Public School teacher. Ze* will be writing a bi-weekly column for the Indyreader. Because ze is both a reporter and an inside source, ze wanted to give a personal introduction in the interest of disclosure, and also so readers would have an idea where ze stands. This introductory essay also includes a lot of common acronyms.

CTU on strike. Photo By: Scott Olsen

On September 11, 2012, a group of Baltimore teachers, students and concerned citizens stood outside Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, one of the oldest and most respected public high schools in Baltimore city, in support for the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and their strike for human rights in the classroom.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 11, 2012, union members and social justice activists protested in front of the Baltimore City School Headquarters, in Baltimore City. Their focus centered on decisions by the School's CEO Andres Alonso to discipline a school principal, Angela Faltz, and an assistant principal, Marcy Isaac, over alleged "cheating" at their school.

Indy Reader's new print issue, "Occupy the Economy," is about to hit the streets. Here's a sample of what's inside. In this article, Baltimore city school teacher, Iris Kirsch, explains how the City school system has implemented strict regulations, ostensibly to ensure high quality teaching performance. Kirsch argues that the new regulations will achieve just the opposite.

It's important to recognize that social media is a powerful force that can spread information in seconds on a global scale. However, it's extremely important to have a core group of activists to spread information in a variety of others ways; the most powerful being local organizing and face-to-face communication.


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