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Protesting the eviction of Camp 83. Photo By: The Marc Steiner Show

We have been covering the homeless encampment of people living under the Jones Falls Expressway near Madison and Fallsway right by the prison complex for the last several weeks. The city said they were going dismantle the site today, Friday March 8th, but before they could a regular citizen found the residents living there housing – temporary, good housing – that the City could not find them.

Photo by Bill Hughes.

On Monday evening, March 4, 2013, “Healthcare Now Maryland,” held its annual meeting in Baltimore, MD. The speaker for the event was Dr. Walter Tsou, MD, MPH. He was introduced by Dr. Margaret Flowers. In his remarks, Dr. Tsou addressed the growing need in this country “to push for a single payer health care system.”

The B&O Railroad.

The B&O Railroad Museum is a landmark of Southwest Baltimore, its roundhouse an integral part of the skyline. It boasts of its status as the “birthplace of American railroading” and inside the museum you will find plenty of evidence of the impacts of the railroad on American society. We have shared standard time because trains needed a way to avoid running into each other.

Mexico community police. Photo by: Moisés Quintana.

Indignant over the police and government’s inability or unwillingness to reduce violent drug-related crimes, citizens in Mexico’s rural, mostly indigenous, southwestern state of Guerrero have (once again) organized armed self-defense groups to ensure their own public safety and security.

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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear...” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

Our interest for self-preservation needs no introduction or explanation. Without mankind’s propensity and efficiency for self-preservation, we would be yet one more fossil set for some future intelligent species to chip their shovels upon.

Zapatistas march in Ocosingo, December 21, 2012. Source:

On December 21st of last year, as many across the world were speculating about the end of the Mayan calendar, 40,000 actual Mayans marched silently into five cities in Chiapas, Mexico, putting the Zapatistas and the Zapatista Army for National Liberation (EZLN) back into the forefront of grassroots political discourse the world over, and mainstream political discourse in Mexico. A stream of provocative communiques from the EZLN's spokesperson, Subcomandante Marcos, have followed.

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In “Not in my Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City,” former Sun reporter and editor Antero Pietila focuses in on one facet of Baltimore’s history: namely, how housing patterns have evolved in Baltimore City along racial and religious lines over the last hundred years. With a journalist’s eye for detail, Pietila describes many colorful characters involved in the real estate scene, including politicians, civic leaders, bureaucrats, homeowners, developers and agents. For local activists, the book provides food for thought about an issue that strikes close to home, if you will forgive the pun.

Recent air pollution in London. Photo By: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images on The Guardian

It’s hard to ever miss out on any opportunity to share footage of Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire. But I’m not sure if this, or the evidence of his many other blunders (him falling over into a river was particularly enjoyable) can really be used to show the kind of idiot he is. Truth is that the people of London (who refer to him simply as “Boris”) have twice chosen to elect a clownish mascot for their mayor, and for years he has cunningly used his own clumsiness to further his political career.

Southwest Baltimore. Photo By: The Baltimore Sun

On January 14th, 2013, Indyreader posted an announcement from editor Corey Reidy, that our allies at The United Workers (UW) were facing eviction from their offices in Southwest Baltimore due to development by the University of Baltimore system. We stated: 


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